AI for Child Welfare

AI for Child Welfare

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has increased in focus across tech and  business communities with executives extolling the potential of NLP.  Fortune Market Insights recently identified NLP as one of the fastest growing technology sectors on the planet. Why? Because NLP can do what has previously required full human effort – reading and analyzing free-text and other forms of written data.


Nowhere is that potential more important than applying NLP to serving the most vulnerable members of our communities – where unlocking all the data in free form case notes and communications to enable better informed decisions can literally change lives. Five years ago, I read a paper published by the Stewards of Change Institute that explored the use of AI and NLP in the context of child welfare, based on NLP’s growing presence in healthcare. I was blown away by the game-changing possibilities for an industry that is chronically over-worked and under-resourced - and more importantly, what that could mean for the children and families in their care. Those thoughts were the genesis of Augintel.  


Today, we’re working with state, county, and nonprofit social services agencies to unlock the potential of NLP,  and the early results are impressive. We’ll be sharing the great things that our customers are doing and our thoughts on the realm of possibility for NLP in health and human services. We’ll also share industry developments and pragmatic advice about approaching NLP projects.  And most importantly, we’ll talk about how all of that can change outcomes for our most vulnerable. I hope you will follow.


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