Child Welfare

Augintel solves the child welfare case notes problem

Case notes tell the story of the children and families served by child welfare agencies. Those notes capture the observations and insights of the caseworkers, clinicians and specialists who follow the clients, deliver services, and manage their cases. But notes can number in the hundreds of pages per case and comprise over 80% of data in that case. This makes maintaining case knowledge across an entire case team difficult if not impossible.

Augintel solves this problem and makes caseworkers' tough jobs easier by bringing the benefits of natural language processing (NLP) to child welfare organizations.

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Understand the family’s story

  • Quickly identify risks, strengths and social determinants

  • Easily understand all of the people associated with the case

  • Quickly learn what has worked or what hasn’t

Make family finding more efficient

  • Find family members and fictive kin buried deep in notes

  • Increase placements 2x

Streamline court

  • Eliminate time dedicated to prepping for anticipated questions

  • Immediately find the answers to judges' and attorneys' questions.

See agency-wide insights in the narrative

  • Quickly identify organizational trends, best practices, safety issues, compliance issues and note quality issues.

  • Streamline the CFSR, QSR and other quality review processes.

A more insightful CCWIS

The move to CCWIS presents an opportunity to design data-driven systems that support each individual agency’s practice, increase caseworker efficiencies, enable better informed decisions  and streamline processes for agency reporting to the federal government. However, you can’t be data-driven without having visibility to all the data, and more than 80% of child welfare data is unstructured text – case notes and other forms of narrative data. Accessing that data is imperative for child welfare agencies that to be truly data-driven.

To learn how how organizations like Aspriranet and Allegheny County are solving their case notes problem check out our case studies

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