Augintel and Amazon Web Services

Augintel solves the child welfare case notes problem

Augintel on Amazon Web Services delivers Natural Language Processing (NLP) that allows health and human service organizations to unlock the vital data in case notes and other unstructured data such as reports and communications. Augintel solutions are fully integrated with the AWS cloud and developed to fully utilize its advanced storage and analytics services. Augintel customers can readily leverage the scalability, ease of use and high availability offered by AWS. Augintel provides full support for customers who launch Augintel solutions on AWS, and we keep our solutions and services up to date with all the latest developments in the AWS.

Augintel’s Most Important Amazon Web Services

Open Search

Augintel utilizes open search to power one of our most important features - our robust google-like search engine trained specifically for health and human services. Customers love Augintel’s intelligent search capabilities making it our most used functionality.

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AWS Lambda’s are prevalent throughout Augintel architecture delivering all Augintel API infrastructure. AWS Lambdas power the APIs that let our customers get their information incredibly fast, while ensuring that we can deliver that performance within a government’s organizations budget.

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Augintel data at rest lives here. Augintel relies on the features and ability of RDS to power fast integrations with our customers. And our machine learning pipeline is driven from the database in RDS which enables the continuous improvement Augintel customers expect.

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Case studies

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