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Meet some of the team

Claire Herdeman

Claire Herdeman is a key member of our data integration team. She joined Augintel after working on the campaign trail building tech solutions for candidates. This work, similar to her work at Augintel, brings together her talents and her desire to do social good. She loves sports and enjoys staying active with running, hiking and biking, and also enjoys chilling with a good book. Claire's favorite aspect about her job is the great team she collaborates with and having a career building products that make a difference.

Kathy Henke

Prior to joining Augintel, Kathy Henke spent her career in child welfare, first as a caseworker, then as an adoption worker, and later serving in leadership positions at private, government and advocacy organizations. Kathy Henke joined Augintel because she saw the potential to help case teams in meaningful ways. She gets excited every single time someone tells her about a successful use of Augintel software, such as when staff members use it to successfully locate family members who can serve as a placement source.

Gus Carlock

Gus Carlock began his career in the music industry running a recording business while also performing himself. After acquiring an MS in data science, Gus joined Augintel because he likes the idea of applying machine learning for the greater good, and was also drawn to the innovative environment within Augintel. Gus also enjoys living in the Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago.

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