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Welcome to Augintel!

We’re here to make your tough job easier by putting all the information in case notes right at  your fingertips! Simplify court prep. Streamline case transfers. Improve family-finding and increase placements. We can’t wait for you to see all you can do with Augintel.

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We’re here to ensure your success!

The Augintel customer success team has been in your shoes. As former caseworkers, supervisors and agency leaders, they understand the challenges you face every day and they are here to help!

Tracy Rohrdanz
Director Customer Success

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Augintel?

Augintel is a machine learning software company dedicated to child welfare and social services. Our products improve delivery of care by putting narrative data to use by utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP), a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 
Our product has been trained to understand social services by analyzing over 125 million pieces of narrative data including case notes, assessment, details and summaries. By implementing NLP, agencies will spend less time trying to find existing content and become better informed with new insights from your existing narrative data.  

What information can I find in Augintel?

Augintel summarizes risks, strengths and people mentioned in narrative data over time so staff can see critical information about the individuals and families they serve.  

Does Augintel provide predictive analytics?

Augintel is not a predictive or decision-making tool. Augintel surfaces information buried in case notes that the professionals in human services need to access and understand to do their work well. The tool summarizes mentions found in narrative text and cannot replace any assessment of the family’s needs and strengths.

How do I log in?

If you are an existing customer, you can log in at and then follow your agency sign in process.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have any issues logging in.

How can I save the website to my browser?

For Chrome: Open Chrome and enter On the top right click the 3 vertical dots and click "Save and Share”. A pop up will appear where you will click "Create Shortcut” and then “Create”. The Augintel app is now on your desktop! For Microsoft Edge: Open Edge and enter On the top right, click the 3 vertical dots and click “Apps”. A pop up will appear where you will click “Install Augmented Intelligence” and then click “Install”. Select the check box next to “Create Desktop shortcut” and click “Allow”. The Augintel app is now on your desktop!

Is Augintel mobile friendly?

Yes! Augintel is designed to operate the same on either an iPhone or Android like it does with a desktop device. You can also create an application on your phone so you don’t have to open a browser each time. Click here to see step by step instructions and reach out to your Customer Success Manager for further assistance.

Where can I find training materials?

Most agencies have included the user guide and instructional videos in their internal Learning Management Systems (LMS), but if you have any trouble accessing the documents please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Can I provide feedback?

Natural Language Processing will never be perfect, but it can continue to improve. If it misses something, no need to panic, you can help it learn. If you think we missed labeling a risk or strength - Augintel wants to know! Feedback on incorrect labels is used to train the model to get better and better with your expert input. You can either provide feedback directly in the note or you can use the “Contact Us” option at the top of the screen to send us a message.

Can I enter data into Augintel?

No. Augintel is a read only system that only has a one-way integration with your case management system, which means you will never enter any data in Augintel. Augintel will display narrative data from your system(s) to allow you to quickly understand and search for the information you need.  

When does it make sense to use Augintel?

Augintel is helpful at any point in your business process that requires an understanding of the family or individual you are serving. Some specific examples of times our users have found a lot of value are: 

  • When searching for kin  
  • To aid in a collateral review 
  • When preparing for court 
  • During supervision
  • At the time of assignment to get up to speed quickly 
  • To identify a new trend, or a new mention of worker safety concerns 
  • To get to information you know is in there and need to get to quickly such as a date of service referral 
  • When considering trends in practice across the agency such as safe sleep conversations, father engagement and safe storage of drugs or weapons. 

Hear what your peers around the country are saying

"This system is crucial for unknown information, and excellent for investigative research and building a case. Augintel system helps fill in many cracks when building an investigation." -

- County Agency, Manager

"I think the biggest success for me was the medication piece. Looking at medication refills, doctor’s appointments, catching if children are on medication so that the appropriate paperwork is filled out, etc. "

- Compliance Specialist

"Augintel’s ability to complete a comprehensive search in a short amount of time has been very helpful with case management, review of patterns of behaviors, and locating family members associated with cases."

- State Agency, Ongoing Supervisor

I have found it extremely helpful in consults or when I am making referrals and we need to know specific info quick such as past diagnoses or medications. I am still playing around to get the hang of it but I did find a father in the people search that we were not able to previously find so that is great! I was so excited when this launched and using it continues to excite me!

- Ongoing Social Worker, County Agency

“I have used Augintel for outcome enhancement reviews. I can find key information using search instead of making numerous phone calls, eliminating the need for a copious and time-consuming review of notes.”

- DCFS QA- Program Analysis Administrator

"(Augintel) is awesome for family finding. I get a case and they might tell me "I talked to a Grandma months ago" and then I have to search through every case note to find conversations with Grandma. This allows me to do that much faster and I can focus on more important tasks rather than just searching through case notes for hours.”

- State DCFS Caseworker

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