social impact MEETS a.i.

We exist to give clinicians a deeper understanding
of the people they care for.

Augintel reveals key indicators in cases and across your organization to help you save time and deliver the best care possible.

Natural language and data specialists.

Our team specializes in Natural Language Processing, a subdiscipline of Artificial Intelligence, which uses computers to understand the written word.

Super-human processing power.

The Augintel software reads and processes extensive amounts of case notes and supporting data to make meaningful connections between data points.

Informed by agency leaders and frontline staff.

Our algorithms have been trained with the help of partner agencies to understand the context of social services. Similar to how we learn as humans – except much faster.

Built to drive social impact.

We’re committed to working with health and social services leaders to deliver products to them to help improve organizational capacity and maximize community impact.

What sets our technology apart.

Our Approach

Delivering critical insights to the case workers and clinicians caring for 120M vulnerable Americans today.

We call what we do “Augmented Intelligence” because we don’t replace intelligence – we amplify it by helping frontline staff save time making well-informed decisions.
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Leadership Team

Our team brings extensive experience in human services, technology, data science and strategic planning.
Marty Elisco
I'm passionate about solving longstanding problems in health and social services.
Marty Elisco
CEO & Chairman of the Board
Marty brings deep experience from a range of leadership roles at major technology companies, including Motorola and Zebra Technologies, spearheading teams in sales, marketing, and engineering. Marty earned an MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern, as well as Bachelor of Science degrees in biomedical and electrical engineering from Duke. Marty is driven by creating long lasting social impact with state-of-the-art technology.
Jim Lindstrom
Nothing beats seeing users interact with our product for the first time and have that ‘Aha!’ moment.
Jim Lindstrom
VP, Product & Engineering
Jim has led numerous, successful early-stage product and design teams. He was an early product manager at Case Commons, in the child welfare space, where he helped design and launch the Casebook case management platform. Most recently, he built predictive analytics and AI-powered financial technology for investment banks. Jim holds an MBA from the Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Science in computer science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
Logan Courtney
I enjoy cutting-edge research. Turning it into reality is even better.
Logan Courtney
Head of Data Science
Logan earned a PhD in Engineering from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. He has years of experience teaching Deep Learning at a graduate level and multiple publications and patents in the fields of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Robotics.
Tom Castelnuovo
Tom Castelnuovo
Director of Data Management
SCO Family of Services
“We don’t need to hire more quality improvement specialists if we have this.”
Arik Hill
Arik Hill
The New York Foundling
The children, adults, and families receiving services through The New York Foundling all have defining attributes as they work towards long-term success. Augintel allows us to look at their unique indicators and signals in a way that is more consumable so case workers can make more data-informed decisions
Carole Hussey
Carole Hussey
Technical Impacts
Managing data in health and human services is cumbersome and manual. Augintel streamlines those processes to help dissect the information that comes in, make better decisions, and construct effective case plans.
Dr. Sylvia Rowlands
Dr. Sylvia Rowlands
Senior VP of Evidence-Based Clinical Practice
The New York Foundling
I found Augintel after looking for a tech solution to help frontline staff reduce time spent on documentation. There’s so much value in monitoring and red flagging cases to make sure issues are followed up on – it helps staff and supervisors focus on the folks they care for.
Vernon Brown
Vernon Brown
Augintel allows me to provide supervisory support, mitigate risks, improve our standard of practice, and provide real-time assessments to frontline staff and management. It’s worth the investment and I have a lot of confidence in Marty, Jim, and the team behind them.

Our Board of Directors & Advisors

Augintel is the result of decades of social services thought leadership, close partnerships in human services, and the work of the Stewards of Change human services think tank.
Daniel Stein​
Founder, Stewards of Change​
Social Services Consulting Agency
Michael Smith​
CEO of Linx​
Social Services Marketing Agency
David Acker​
Former CEO of Sleepy’s Mattress
Richard Krulik​
CEO of Briggs & Riley
Vernon Brown​
CEO of Aspiranet​
California Child Welfare Agency
Martin Duggan​
Former IBM Social Sector Business Lead
Tim Gomes​
Founder & CEO of Topaz Lighting
Evan Herbst​
Three Keys Capital
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